How to Be Persuasive in Print and in Person And Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom

And all this – being truly authentic and without ever using sleazy underhand tricks and techniques


Anywhere and everywhere we must communicate powerfully, passionately, and persuasively - if we’re going to be the one! The one that gets picked, the one who makes the difference, the one who gets the money.

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur


  • How to be persuasive whilst being authentically you and without sounding pushy, needy or using greasy gimmicks…
  • Some of our fellow professionals avoid the very idea of ‘selling themselves’ as though they were a dirty-raincoated, down-at-heel loser flogging ‘tat’ door to door on a cold and foggy November night.
  •  And the reason…
  • They suffer with this problem – is they’ve never learned the art, science and practice of ethical, integrity-based persuasive written and spoken conversation.


"Conversation" The Power of Persuasion


Yes, conversation (cleverly crafted conversation) – in print, in person, on screen, or even behind a presentation. Wherever and whenever there’s an opportunity to help our clients get the outcomes they want:

  • Problems solved
  • Opportunities grasped
  • Challenges faced
  • Profits increased
  • Confidence boosted

And even better...

Yes, ‘Conversations’ in Print and in Person’ to:

  • Attract new clients
  • Build your list
  • Market your products
  • Market your services
  • Build your brand
  • Make more money
  • So, you can have more choice, more time, more...

A very good friend of mine met Gary Halbert, the legendary copywriter, and heard Gary say: 

“You’re only one sales letter, one sales call, one post card (one webinar or seminar) away from striking it rich!”

Here’s what happened:

In 1998 I wrote an 8-page sales letter to promote my new audio newsletter, The Achievers Edge. That letter generated front-end income of £3,042,000 over a 13 years period for me. Just one letter! That’s just shy of £20,000 every month for 156 months - oh yes! 

Here’s the truth of it: 

Every communication is an attempt to persuade someone else to do or avoid doing something - now or in the future.

And it’s our ability to positively convey the benefits of our professional services (and products) to our clients - that separate us from the noisy crowd 

Let’s face it…

More and more of our clients are communicating online. web sites, videos, chat rooms, virtual meetings, webinars, web meets, tele-seminars, avatar conference centres, Zoom, Skype, Beam and more.

And we have to give ourselves the maximum opportunity:

  • Whether it’s an email invitation to a webinar or the home page of our website…
  • A sales proposal emailed to a new client - or a meeting with a long-term connection
  • A post or advert on social media offering our latest free report - or a phone conversation follow up from a marketing survey 

Anywhere and everywhere we must communicate powerfully, passionately, and persuasively - if we’re going to be the one! The one that gets picked, the one who makes the difference, the one who gets the money.

Now you too can discover how to be persuasive in print and in person - here’s how…

 Yes, in this: 


How to Be Persuasive in Print and in Person And Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom

Having been in business for over 30 years training my own and clients’ sales teams and copywriters, I was able to use these skills to build and sell my last business for £4,200,000 and semi-retire — now I’ll share with you how to:

  • Understand the 6- Part Structure of a successful persuasive conversation  
  • Know which words to use and which to avoid (and why these)
  • Deploy the 4 step system to attract your reader - have them want to read on
  • Maximise technology without needing to be a techie (or having nightmares)
  • Use the copywriter’s toolkit of: 
  • Blind Bullets
  • Transitional copy
  • Call outs
  • CTA's
  • Labelling
  • Framing
  • Answer the 4 clarity gaining questions for any power communication 
  • Use this proven 7 step formula to write any sales copy for anything
  • Sell on camera - or simply using a KeyNote or PowerPoint presentation 
  • Weave in the 5 step system - created years ago - and still works today
  • Understand why - there must be a prehead to every headline - and why this creates increased conversions and sales 


You get my proven templates (See Bonus #2)

  • Writing a powerful and persuasive sales letter (or website)
  • Creating your ideal Avatar
  • The most important document in any client call

Just take your ideas and slot them easily into this templated system. Decide on your offering (You can choose a product, a service or just an appointment), craft your offer using the system I give you, add the specifics to write your smooth request for action (I’ll show you precisely how) 


Done and dusted - enjoy your success.

Never before has it been easier (or simpler) to write, create and deliver powerful, persuasive, passionate conversations or written copy!

OK, what’s the next step?

Decide to join me in this ‘How to Be Persuasive In Print and In Person’ online course and join the elite ranks of those who’ve realised the power of conversation and the persuasiveness of the right words and phrases.

I love it!


What's Included In

""How to Be Persuasive in Print and in Person and Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom"



  • The 6-stage process of ethical selling; just inject your personality and specifics into this proven process - simple! (A major insurance company paid me £250,000 to teach this exact process to their 300 strong sales team. Another company saw what I did and paid me £125,000 to train their 100 salespeople in these same ideas). This ‘stuff’ works!
  • The most important document for face-to-face client conversations. (It may not be the one you think it could be). 
  • Active Listening the #1 skill
  • How to position yourself as the obvious natural (logical and emotion) choice. A seriously clever (and ethical) technique. 
  • Understand your Avatar and create your avatar diagram - clarity at last
  • Knowing where the selling actually takes place - you’ll be happy to know 
  • Maximise Your Results Q & A session


  • The copywriters tool bag of tested methods for high engagement, conversion and profits. 
  • How to craft a powerful CTA (Call to Action)
  • The 4 critical questions to ask before you write a single word
  • The 4-step video sales letter formula - this works like gangbusters!
  • How to create ‘read and speak’ videos. If you never tried this method - you’ll be so happy you discovered it with me
  • How to produce ‘evergreen videos’ and the subtle changes you need to make
  • The power of testimonials - how to get them; how to use them
  • A tried and tested Sales Letter System - 7 steps to success
  • How to create you ‘offering’ and your ‘offer’ and how they differ
  • Maximise Your Results Q & A session


  • How to sell on camera
  • How to create conversion enhancing backgrounds and graphics 
  • How to sell via KeyNote or PowerPoint presentations 
  • The 5 step (templated) system for maximum persuasion 
  • Positioning you as the ‘go to person; in your marketplace 
  • Maximise Your Results Q & A session

Special Bonuses - When you Act Now!

  • Bonus 1 (Value £500): All sessions are transcribed for you and stored in our secure online area where you’ll be able to access them and all the templates you see me use during our journey together.
  • Bonus 2 (Value? Let’s say £500 - but truly worth 10 times this):  Over the last 30 years I’ve developed and honed the templates I use to make the creation process as simple as predictable as possible. Now, you get these too. Simply fill in the blanks and it’s done!

Peter Thomson

As the author of 7 books, 15 tips booklets, and over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded, he is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author. 
Over the last 25 years, he has helped coaches, consultants and business owners to share what they know – starting with a simple book and expanding into a variety of information products – producing life-changing results for their clients and life-changing income for themselves. Now they’re enjoying businesses and lives – of choice!

“Peter has a great way of delivering a huge amount of very rich content in an engaging way. It’s impossible not to come away  without some real nuggets you can implement - for me ‘going with your big guns first’ is really making a difference”

Andrew Bailey

"Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas."

- Mark Wickersham

"There was so much information, help, tips and great details which was shared. It excelled beyond my expectations. I have all the resources I need!"

- Vanessa Barker

How to Be Persuasive in Print and in Person And Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom

Important Note: 

When I delivered this training ‘live’ in a hotel - the ticket price was $750 per person. To cover all the extra costs of venue, food, overnight accommodation, staff, printing, and on and on…

However, to help you immediately...

You get everything I’ve described for:

Just one payment!


Instant Access


Whenever difficulties strike - opportunities abound. This is one of those times.

There’s no time to waste… 

Don’t get left behind. Continue to gain new clients, deliver the results they want and secure your future income - right now. 

Come and join me and discover the smoothest way to continue your promotional activities - using video, webinars, posts, articles and advertising - or powerful emails and direct mail.

Master the art:

Of attracting your audience, engaging them with your proven ideas and making honest, integrity-laden offerings and offers to help them get the results they crave. You are a professional. This is the professionals’ way. You will write and present with complete confidence.

Come and join me and your fellow professionals on the 3-part ‘How to Be Persuasive in Print and in Person' Online Training and gain the advantage in your chosen field.

Wishing you every success for our adventure together.

Peter Thomson

“The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”

PS: Now is the time to master this skill. I urge you to grasp this opportunity with both hands. Discover how to deliver powerful, profitable, promotional webinars from the comfort of your own home - without any nightmares about structure or technology.

Just follow my 30+ years tried and tested and proven formula!