How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars to Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom”

And all this - from the comfort of your own home and without any nightmares about technology.


Decide to join me in this 3-Part ‘How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars’ training and join the elite ranks of those who’ve realised the power of online promotional webinars. (and all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are connected in the world) I love it! 

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur


Contracts cancelled! Training sessions postponed. Seminars Slashed!

We are in turbulent times.  Some people in our industry are even battening down the hatches and downing tools! 

The problem with that stance is: Once we get to the other side of these problems
 (which we surely will) - they are sadly going to have to ‘start again from scratch!’

However, right now… (and this is so important)

There are so many opportunities for people (like you and me) who are prepared to challenge conventional thinking and willing to unleash our creativity and courage.




Yes, ‘Content Webinars’ to deliver:

Training - Coaching - Conference speeches - Mentoring groups - One-to-one Meetings

And even better…

Yes, ‘Promotional Webinars’:

  • Attracts new clients
  • Builds your list
  • Markets your products and services
  • Gets qualified appointments with potential clients
  • Builds your brand
  • Makes more money
  • So you can have more choice, more time, more freedom 

Oh, the beauty of webinars! The perfect content delivery and marketing vehicle.

  • A tried and tested structure for content delivery and offers
  • No travel for you or your clients
  • Share your proven knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Separates you from the crowd
  • Make your offering for your services or products with ease
  • Once created - run it on evergreen again and again (Without you even being there - oh yes!)
  • Through the camera or behind your Powerpoint/Keynote presentation
  • Simple promotion and marketing
  • Money - making methods
  • Fun! (with a serious intent)

Let’s face it…

More and more of our clients are communicating online. Chat rooms, virtual meetings, tele-seminars, avatar conference centres, Zoom, Skype, Beam and more.


It’s easy, inexpensive, effective, focused, it’s the present and it’s the future!

Now you too can join the wave~~~

Yes, here it is:


How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars

Having used webinars to promote all my products and services over the last 11 years; now I’ll show you my tried and proven ways how to:

  • Use my ‘Take Away’ Method - this TRIPLED registrations. You’ll love it!
  • Understand the 5- Part Structure of a successful promotional webinar
  • Know which ‘software and platform’ to use (and why these)
  • Deploy 7 Ways to attract your audience to sign up for your webinar
  • Maximise technology without needing to be a techie (or having nightmares) 
  • Control all the basics so you feel comfortable and confident delivering your ideas 
  • Complete The 9 Point Checklist to craft your content for maximum impact
  • Encourage interaction (with these 3 proven tips) from your people
  • Know - how much content to ‘give away’ and when to start charging
  • Operate The ‘Perfect Timing Method to move smoothly from content to promotion
  • Use the 3 step Price-Point-Process to maximise the take up of your offering
  • Crafting engaging Powerpoint or Keynote slides using my 10 step process 
  • How to avoid the BIG MISTAKE most people unwittingly make when they confuse the two desires their clients always have…

This is the same system…

I’ve been using to get more subscribers to my Achievers Club monthly subscription programme. The same way more people join The 100+ Club (my private members business growth club). The same way we get appointments for me and my colleagues. 

Now - I’m not going to show you ‘bank statements’ or ‘conversions stats' at this stage - all the ‘insider details’ - we’ll discuss during our time together.


  • Introduction - how to welcome and instantly engage your delegates
  • Positioning statement - separates you from the crowd
  • Content delivery - The 9-step delivery method for complete clarity
  • Offering - how to explain what your client gets - so they want it now!
  • Offer (How to position price/bonuses for high conversions) 
  • Smooth Call to Action - no pressure tactics; a professional process that works

I show you precisely how your content slots easily into this templated system. Decide on your offering (You can choose a product, a service or just an appointment), craft your offer using the system I give you. Add the specifics to write your smooth request for action (I’ll explain what to do) BINGO! Everything is systemised - this makes it as easy as possible for you.

Done and dusted - enjoy your success.

Never before has there been a better way (or a simpler method) to write, create and deliver a powerful, persuasive, passionate ‘content and promotional ‘webinar - ever!

OK, what’s the next step?

Decide to join me in this 3-Part ‘How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars’ training and join the elite ranks of those who’ve realised the power 3dof online promotional webinars. (and all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are connected in the world) I love it!


What's Included In

"How To Run Profitable Promotional Webinars..."



The structure of a successful webinar. Creating and delivering your content. Positioning the offer. Dealing with questions. Encouraging interaction. Q&A session



Creation of your Offering. Creation of your Offer. (Understanding the difference) Smoothly delivering both. Positioning the Pay Wall. Q&A session



Content: Platforms, technology, attract the right audience, increasing conversion rates at every point of the journey. Maximising sales both front and back end, pricing models. Q & A sessions.

Special Bonuses - When you Act Now!

  • Bonus 1 (Value £500): All sessions are transcribed for you and stored in our secure online area where you’ll be able to access them and all the templates you see me use during our journey together. 
  • Bonus 2 (Value? Let’s say £500 - but truly worth 10 times this): Over the last 11 years I’ve developed and honed the complete Winning Webinars Ways Formula. Now, you don’t have to go through all that work and cost. You get all of this too. You will access: Examples, templates, pdfs, maps, checklists, which you can use again and again - every time you want to run yet another profitable webinar. Simply, fill in the blanks - and it’s done!
  • Bonus 3 (Value £1000): Through rigorous testing my team and I have have discovered ‘what works - and - what doesn’t’! Now, you also get access to the Webinar Marketing Map. This shows you precisely what to do and when. Whether it’s: Attracting the right audience ​How to boost registrations ​When to follow up and how ​How to maximise back-end sales ​When to create the ‘spike’ to boost responses and profit. Advice: Please do not attempt to run a promotion webinar where you want sales or appointments - without using the Webinar Marketing Map. It’s an absolute must-have! 

Peter Thomson

As the author of 7 books, 15 tips booklets, and over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded, he is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author. 
Over the last 25 years, he has helped coaches, consultants and business owners to share what they know – starting with a simple book and expanding into a variety of information products – producing life-changing results for their clients and life-changing income for themselves. Now they’re enjoying businesses and lives – of choice!

“Peter has a great way of delivering a huge amount of very rich content in an engaging way. It’s impossible not to come away  without some real nuggets you can implement - for me ‘going with your big guns first’ is really making a difference”

Andrew Bailey

"Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas."

- Mark Wickersham

"There was so much information, help, tips and great details which was shared. It excelled beyond my expectations. I have all the resources I need!"

- Vanessa Barker

How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars to Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom

Important Note: 

When I delivered this training ‘live’ in a hotel just a few months ago - the ticket price was $750 per person. This was to cover all the extra costs of venue, food, overnight accommodation, staff, printing and on and on…

However, to help you immediately...

You get everything I’ve described for just:

One Payment Of!


Instant Access To Course & Resources


Whenever difficulties strike - opportunities abound. This is one of those times.

There’s no time to waste… 

Don’t get left behind. Continue to gain new clients, deliver the results they want and secure your future income - right now.

Come and join me and discover the smoothest way to continue your promotional activities - linking to today’s preferred communication method - Yes, online webinars.

Master the art:

Of attracting your audience, engaging them with your proven ideas and making honest, integrity-laden offerings and offers to help them get the results they crave. You are a professional. This is the professionals’ way. You will deliver with complete confidence.

Come and join me and your fellow entreprenuars on this 3-part ‘How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars’ Online Training and gain the advantage in your chosen field. 

Wishing you every success for our adventure together.

Peter Thomson

“The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”

PS: Now is the time to master this skill. I urge you to grasp this opportunity with both hands. Discover how to deliver powerful, profitable, promotional webinars from the comfort of your own home - without any nightmares about structure or technology.

Just follow my 11 years tried and tested and proven formula. I’ll share it all in ‘How to Run Profitable Promotional and content Webinars’ course.