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Steve Neale

Limbic Performance System

"Working with Peter, he helped me to focus on producing a video-based product as my strength is presenting and training.  Through Peter’s invaluable, informal, and fun mentoring, I now have a video programme, the Limbic Performance System (LPS), which has changed my life. I no longer need to train unless I want to, and LPS made around £250,000 in just 1 year from its launch, which is now being applied by users in 40 countries and has generated income of around £1million in direct sales or blended learning sales." 

David Hyner

High Impact Motivational Speaker

"I attended your product mastermind group and I set goals to “go into” ebook publishing, and create a list of prospects globally for my speaking and other business products. Since then my speaking turnover has doubled since that day. I have won numerous awards and accolades4 Amazon subject no 1 books. And, inside two years (for my video courses alone) got students numbering in excess of 30,000 in 162 countries around the world. I have 35 ebooks that generate income every Month for me, with a plan to treble that number this year alone."

Chris and Lynda Chanin

The Informacist 

"Since joining Peter's programme, we’ve written a marketing book for pharmacy contractors, which we would never have done without Peter’s simple techniques. We also created our monthly membership with a deluxe version which is working very well AND have TWO £1,000,000 products. So we would recommend anybody who is serious about investing in themselves and their business to join Peter. It is worth every penny."

Trevor Tweed

"Using 1 simple Lead Generation strategy I picked up from Peter I made one new contact who we met last week...at the largest and most modern mushroom factory in the UK. And, we were given a site tour. 
And it helped us clinch £8000 worth of business for our eLearning course. 500 plus users, I am filling out the paperwork now."

Mark Wickersham


“Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas."

Andrew Bailey

"Peter has a great way of delivering a huge amount of very rich content in an engaging way. It’s impossible not to come away from one of his events without some real nuggets you can implement - for me ‘going with your big guns first’ is really making a difference".

Sally Hindmarch

Partners with You

"Since I writing my book I have also developed a range of services including a membership programme on the back of the book. At speaking events I sell or give away my book and have had people connect with me because they were given my book by friends or colleagues.  I feel more confident! The book is a great introduction to me and the way I work. I feel more confident people see me as “front of house” rather than the organiser of others.  I get huge pleasure when I get the monthly sales report from Amazon showing my book is being sold to people I don’t know."

Jamie Beaumont

L & D Professional

"I just have to say how brilliant Peter's how to write a book system is  I work in L&D and the ideas Peter shared will cut the time it takes me to design training materials by at least 50% Outstanding, thank you"

Mark Allen

"Thank you Peter for a fabulous day that was full of brilliant ideas. I came away with a shortlist of the most important tasks that I needed to get on with. They were all aimed at building my million pound product. The event filled me with confidence that it is not a ‘maybe sometime’ but an absolute that ‘I will produce the million pound product’. In three words clear, simple focus."

Kerrison Preston 

"Since being part of Peter’s group I can attribute at least £250,000 of income over the last 2 years from having the Book/DVD/CD pack"

David Hughes 

Managing Director Nightingale Conant UK 

"Peter is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author – we even export his programmes to the States. Our customers really love his 'down to earth and practical style' and more importantly, he is a true friend of mine. I've watched him research, test and polish his ideas to constantly add value. It's an amazing process to see. I even have members of staff who say they could listen to Peter all day (and still stay awake!) So why would I be telling you this? His ideas are just so powerful, inspiring and positive He always adds massive value He is genuinely focused on your success".

John Wigham 

""You've raised the bar for me with the quantity and quality of 1st class practical information – This was my first experience of Peter Thomson's organisation – It won't be my last"

Anna Goodwin

"I attended my first ever Peter Thomson Day last week and was blown away by the volume and quality of the content that Peter gave us. I found it incredibly useful and also I asked both Peter and Lee Gilbert questions which have helped me move forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to you – go for it"

Mike Wilkinson

"After missing out on many of Peter’s previous dates I finally managed to make it and so glad I did! I’d met Peter before so I was reasonably confident it would be a good day. In the end it turned out to be even better than that. Packed with really useful information that I began putting to use almost immediately. Peter has such an easy, engaging, conversational style that the time seemed to pass by very quickly. Perhaps the biggest value is in the way that he has “systemised” many of the things that need to be done making them so much easier to follow. I’m really looking forward to working with Peter in the future"

Peter Tattershall

"Never could have planned it this way. Book ready for publication and a video program due for launch in a matter of days. But each was an excuse to sink a bottle of bubbly and we did. the inspiration has come from Peter and his team. This is only the beginning. I'm already working on plans for 3 more product launches".

Terry Edwards

Drew Coaching 

"Our business, Marketing For Business Success (MFBS) now has two membership sites. These membership sites alone have generated at least £50,000 so far and that is increasing by the day as we get new members. We also sell different products every month and have our first book, which will be published next year. If you are a coach trainer or consultant and you are fed up of trading time for money, then you must do this course as it will dramatically improve your life and you will earn money whilst you sleep"

Simon Davies  

"I now know that I can create and sell product, and make money from it."

Michael Snuggs 

"This programme is packed with fantastic ideas inspiring my imagination to produce more and more inspiring products."

Vanessa Barker

"There was so much information, help, tips and great details which was shared. It excelled beyond my expectations. I have all the resources I need!"

Marcia Gladwin

"I was very sceptical that I was capable of making and marketing my own products. It seemed too daunting, overwhelming and mission impossible. The information, strategies, exercises and Peterisms have turned it into a "I can't wait too and don't stop me now I'm having such a good time"

Carl Jarvis 

"Peter is a master of his craft, a true communicator and an inspiration. Steve had some powerful thoughts to convey, an excellent rapport builder!"

Steve Crossley 

"Making the decision to invest considerable time and money on this weekend workshop has been one of the best investments I've ever made. I highly recommended it"

Jacky Leonard 

"It's given me the confidence to be creative again. Practical, no nonsense information delivered with humour from a place of a wealth of experience. Many thanks."

Colette Bratton

"Anyone thinking about writing their own book to benefit their business and income should definitely attend Peter Thomson’s one day course.  I learnt so much about getting started on an information product journey, but Peter also shared lots of other hints and tips on wider subjects that I’ve benefited from greatly. With Peter’s advice and inspiration from the course, I’ve overcome procrastination and am now enjoying the journey of creating my first information product. The course was excellent value for money, great fun, and highly recommended! Many Thanks."

Erick Rainey 

"Thanks for an amazing 3 days. I have been to a lot of seminars and I can safely say that your Product Creation Workshop stands head and shoulders above the rest. Content hit the bulls-eye. You have a terrific manner of delivery and boy do you know you stuff (technical term). 
Anyway, I really enjoyed my time spent with you and your team and I hope to work with you sometime in the future.  Warm regards"

Bob Ferguson 

"What a week!  I’ve just spent the last week typing out all the points of wisdom from Peter Thomson’s Information Products training.   It was just a great day with lots of fun and learning but out of it I got some serious benefits. It’s made me to think deeply about my business and given me the benefits of, a strong sense of direction, a good understanding of how to make the best use of my time, and the tools to help me do it. This has to be one of the most fruitful days I’ve spent on business development. For me the key learning point was the huge potential of subscription products and how to produce them.  As always it was delivered in Peter’s relaxed and entertaining style.  If you’re serious about improving your business and lifestyle I highly recommend this product. "