How to Run Your Very Own Profitable Subscription Programme and Make $1000s Extra Every Year!



If you’d love to know how to make your very own profitable subscription programme, make a positive difference in the world and regular income becomes a reality for you too, then - come, join me on this in-depth incredible course


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

Con-men will try to sell you a line about ‘passive income’ – implying you can sit around doing nothing and still get paid forever. Bullsh*t!!

Here's the truth:

“In the beginning you do a load of stuff you don’t get paid for – so that in the future you get paid for a load of stuff you no longer have to do”

Now, please read it again – because this contains the secret of long-term substantial monthly income ($5,000 - $50,000+ a month)

I learned this lesson the hard way more than 20 years ago – and today my income from 4 different sources arrives (like clockwork) in my bank account in the first few days of every month.

If you’d love to know how to make your very own profitable subscription programme, make a positive difference in the world and regular income becomes a reality for you too, then - come, join me on an in-depth online course.

No more bad debts from clients. You always get paid before you deliver the service or product!

Subscriptions & Memberships



  1. You choose how much money you want to make - yes!
  2. Every month your money arrives before you do any work
  3. You run your whole ‘system’ from anywhere you have access to the internet
  4. You create the content when and where it suits - you.
  5. Getting new members through a systemised process - like clockwork
  6. Content delivered in the way you prefer
  7. Your reputation and your significance in your market constantly increases
  8. The ideal breeding ground for fee-paying clients
  9. Your exposure (the watchword in business) to the whims of fee-paying clients is minimised!
  10. You’re totally - in control
  11. Feeling secure knowing your income is predictable




    Subscription programmes are no longer just a trend. They’re a proven method of sharing your knowledge and experience 

    Exciting isn’t it?

    Way back in December 1998…

    I started my first subscription programme. It was an audio newsletter called: The Achievers Edge. It produced income for me of £3,042,000 over 13 years (That’s £19,500 on average every single month, for 13 years) now you know why I love subscription programmes

    I loved writing, recording and marketing it. 


How to Run Your Very Own Profitable Subscription Programme and Make $1000s Extra Every Year!


  • Your Mentoring Programme

Imagine meeting a group of loyal clients month after month. Taking them on a journey of discovery. Holding their hands to success. Now this makes you some serious money!

  • Your Online Video Series

Either face to camera if you fancy it - or screen capture with you nowhere in sight. Your choice…

I'll show you even more when you purchase!


Now, this is the question: 

Let’s take it ‘as read’ that you and I always want to make a positive difference to our clients’ lives. And there’s no challenge with us being rightfully rewarded for doing it.


Perhaps you decide on a monthly price of say £19.95 for it and even if it takes you a whole year to get 200 regular subscribers - so that means you receive 200 x £19.95 x 12 (months) = £51,870 a year. WOW!

My newsletter used to take me just one day to write and create and that included the interviews and thinking time. This is a fast-to-market idea.

How soon do you want to start?



I created a 36 module subscription programme called The Accelerated Business Growth System. And with some marketing, some sales and white-label deals it produced over £2,300,000 over a ten-year period.

Trust me – through these 27 years of experience doing this – I can clearly demonstrate how you do it too – to the level YOU want.

You decide if you would like another $10,000 a year, another $50,000, $250,000 plus. 


Now you have a newsletter, perhaps a small mentoring group or an online membership product

So you could delight in a monthly income of between $5,000 to $10,000 (or more).

You CAN do it too

And to prove it…

When I started out there was no one to show me how to write and create subscription programmes specifically.

So I had to learn the hard way...

Making the mistakes and spending the money as fast as it came in. I attended seminars on general marketing in the UK and the USA. I bought the audio programmes on selling and persuasion, watched the DVDs, and ploughed through the books on decision-making and all round business success.

It took me years and cost me dearly in energy and cash.

But it was worth every penny and every late night. 

I loved it even though it was hard at times.

Now after 27 years in the information products and subscription business I’m Nightingale Conant’s leading British author. 

What's Included In

"How to Run Your Very Own Profitable Subscription Programme and Make $1000s Extra Every Year!"


  • The 5 models you can choose from

  • How to run your whole ‘system’ from anywhere you have access to the internet. 

  • The complete ‘content creation’ process. You create the content when and where it suits - you. Early morning, late at night, at the kitchen table, sitting in the park, dressed or pyjamas - your choice…

  • How to get new members - like clockwork.

  • The various ‘content delivery’ methods so you can choose whichever one suits you. If you love making videos - perfect! Hate making video - also perfect! Like to write - great. Like to speak - that works too.

  • Why your ‘programme’ is the ideal breeding ground for fee-paying clients

  • Why/how you’re building a saleable asset (who knows what you might sell it for…)

Special Bonuses - When you Act Now!

  • Bonus 1 (Value $750): All sessions are transcribed for you and stored in our secure online area where you’ll be able to access them and all the templates you see me use during our journey together. 
  • Bonus 2 (Value? Let’s say $750 - but truly worth 10 times this): Over the last 27 years I’ve developed and honed the complete Subscription and Membership Formula. Now, you don’t have to go through all that work and cost. You get all of this too. You will access: Examples, templates, pdfs, maps, checklists, which you can use again and again - every time you want to run a subscription or membership. Simply, fill in the blanks - and it’s done! 

Peter Thomson

As the author of 7 books, 15 tips booklets, and over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded, he is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author. 
Over the last 25 years, he has helped coaches, consultants and business owners to share what they know – starting with a simple book and expanding into a variety of information products – producing life-changing results for their clients and life-changing income for themselves. Now they’re enjoying businesses and lives – of choice!

"I was a member of Peter’s membership programme and soon into the programme Peter helped me to focus on producing a video-based product. Through Peter’s invaluable, informal and fun mentoring I now have a video programme, the Limbic Performance System, which has changed my life. I no longer need to train unless I want to. In the second year I developed LPS version 2 which is being applied by users in 40 countries and has generated income of around £1,000,000 in direct sales or blended learning sales."

Steve Neal - BSC International

"Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas."

- Mark Wickersham

How to Run Profitable Promotional and Content Webinars to Gain More Clients, More Money, More Freedom

Important Note: 

When I delivered this training ‘live’ in a hotel just a few months ago - the ticket price was $790 per person. This was to cover all the extra costs of venue, food, overnight accommodation, staff, printing and on and on…

However, to help you immediately:

You get everything I’ve described for just:

One Payment Of


Instant Access To The Course and Bonuses


Whenever difficulties strike - opportunities abound. This is one of those times.

There’s no time to waste… 

Don’t get left behind. Continue to gain new memberrs, deliver the results they want and secure your future income - right now.

Come and join me and discover the smoothest way to having your very own subscription or membership programme!

Peter Thomson

“The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”

PS: You know you have great ideas to share. You know you make a positive difference to people’s lives – now is the time to get your authentic message out to 1000s of people and – so you can rightfully make some serious and sustainable money doing so.

Come and join me in this one of a kind online course. Learn tried and tested and proven methods on 'How to Run Your Own Profitable Subscription Programme.' You decide just how much extra money you want to make each year. Another $10,000? Another $50,000? Another $250,000? It’s your choice.

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That’s crazy low; true?

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